Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

The current GOP is like a bottomless clown car. Just when you think, "There can't possibley be any more clowns in there!" another one stumbles out of the door.

There have in the past been Republicans that I admired, who I thought were decent people, who had convictions that, while I didn't agree with them, were at least in some way defensible or well-reasoned. Hell, the S/O is Republican, and I haven't killed him -- yet. Of course, it helps that he's cute.

But, seriously, GOP, this is tiresome. While I may not agree with everything the current administration is doing, they are smart, capable and doing their damnedest to pull us out of the tailspin. We tried your way, and it didn't work. So now we try another way and pray that it does. You say "government is the problem" but the truth is "Republican government is the problem." We gave you the keys to the bus, and you promptly got drunk, set fire to the bus, and drove it off a cliff into a ravine filled with radioactive zombies. We're just trying to claw our way back out before they eat what's left of our brains.

So, GOP, come up with some new ideas -- and not the same old ideas repackaged in a shiny "off-the-hook" wrapper -- but until you do, STFU and take your big bucket of fail with you.

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