Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The earache exploded sometime in the night, and the S/O tells me I woke him up several times, althought I can't quite recall. I get up this morning and half my face was puffy, my ear was swollen shut, I couldn't close my jaw all the way from the swelling, and my submandibular lymphnodes felt like freshly shelled walnuts.

Fast forward through 4.5 hours sitting in a rural emergency room, replete with two "heart attacks" -- one of the "I'm coming, Elizabeth" variety, and another where a couple just looked heartbreakingly frightened, and a woman wearing shoes that were three sizes too big -- it's the little things you notice.

Amazing what a corticosteriod shot and some horse pills will do. It's a few hours later, and I'm feeling almost human again. So I salute you, rural health professionals.

Of course this was a day where I did no work at all, the paying kind or the other kind. It's kind of thrown a spanner into my works. Sigh. I guess I'll just try to make it up tomorrow. I told the S/O I was going to find Karma and kick its ass, to which he replied, "If you're looking for Karma, I think it's busy kicking your ass."

So, note to self: must stop delighting in misfortune of others, even when they really, really, reallly deserve it and make it nearly impossible not to overdose on delicious shaudenfreude. I'm looking at you, Mark Sanford. I'll write a thousand times "I Will Not Think Evil Thoughts" on my imaginary blackboard. I'll try to remember to water the plants before they get crispy.

So, Karma, truce?

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