Monday, April 4, 2011

Inching Forward

Not much to say. My daughter's workplace has changed locations (actually to another town) which adds roughly 40 minutes more drive time to each day, which was already roughly 6 hours too short already. I would say something witty or snarky about this new development, but I have run out of both wit and snark. Those qualities may not make an appearance anytime soon.

I'm revising the three finished novels ever so slowly in preparation to try my hand at formatting. In the meantime, I've been mocking-up cover concepts for the mystery series. I came up with a basic concept last week that I liked until I spent the weekend studying roughly a billion other covers, after which I didn't like it anymore.

The mystery series is about an aspiring Hollywood actress who works at an aging movie palace named the Orpheus, but spends more time solving crimes than acting. (Which is a terribly lame description. Did I mention I am tired and more tired?)  (DISCLAIMER: these are rough ideas I did in Paint and in no way reflect the finalized type of work we'll be doing in Photoshop, they are concepts only. Which explains the horrible typefaces in the first one.)

First Concept (Now abandoned)

Second Concept (Which is a lot bolder)

So that and $83 from freelancing is all I have to show for three days....  I must have been very bad in a past life. 

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