Thursday, July 21, 2011

So much Stuff, So Little Time

In the grips of the dog days -- it's godawful hot, there are eleventy-billion kid-centric activities, the house is currently trashed, still editing, still working (not that I'm not grateful for the boundless work I've had lately), and things just seem to spun completely from my control. I owe emails, I owe blog posts, I may have forgotten how to use the Twitter, and I can't get into my closet anymore. In short - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


In the Department of You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone: In response to Netflix changing it's pricing structure, we've dropped the DVD option and are going for just streaming. We did this because we had the DVD of The Hangover out for roughly six months and never found time to watch it. (Our DVR is too full because we are mesmerised by all the shiny TV shows.) But it doesn't go into affect till mid-September, so now it's a race to see how many movies we can watch before the DVDs dry up. I'm betting on 21. I'm sure there's a recognizable pathology to this whole episode.

Brief New TV Update: Outcasts on BBC America is awful. The characters have the memory capacity of goldfish. I can see why the earth blew up, because apparently it was filled with IDIOTS. Quite enjoying Suits on USA, Falling Skies on TNT, and Alphas on SyFy. 

Most Boring Zombie Teaser Ever - Season Two of The Walking Dead is set for October, but the trailer is, um, lackluster.

More later - after I've dug out from under the laundry.....

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