Sunday, January 15, 2012

Super Secret (Not Really) First Chapter Preview of Lost Things

Lost Things is going swimmingly - should be through Chapter 4 today. As promised, here's the blurb. Then you can click the link and read Chapter One.

It started with an unexpected phone call and three words: “I need you.” Now, after 18 years of self-exile, Claire Brandt is back in the dark heart of New Orleans, looking for an old friend who suddenly can’t be found. But that doesn’t stop Claire. She’s a finder of lost things, from misplaced childhood memorabilia to stolen paintings to lost people.
But someone else doesn’t want Elodie Marchand found, and after a vicious attack, a trail of clues leads Claire deep into a gothic cityscape where a beautiful actress disappeared nearly two decades ago, where a trail of mutilated bodies led to a dead end, where a political scandal drove powerful men to suicide.
Claire is about to discover that New Orleans is a place where the past is very much alive, and where nothing stays lost forever. 

You can read a sneak peek of Chapter One here.  

And the rough cover, in case you missed it:

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