Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't Try This At Home

Memo to self. Don't quit caffiene cold turkey. Just...don't. I have spent the last two days with a vise on my skull, and gremlins tapdancing on my corpus collosum. It was just that I was drinking way to much Coke Zero, an embarassing amount, so much that I had to hide the cans like an aging actress with a fake fireplace full of vodka bottles. So I ran out of it one morning, and decided I'd quit just like that.

Long story short, see me bleary-eyed and cursing, driving recklessly to the Piggly Wiggly parking lot with a handful of all the change I could find.

Coke Zero has got to have some ingredient they don't list on the label. Some mind control juice from a rare Amazonian flower or something. I swear, someday the signal will be sent out and all the Coke Zero heads will come staggering out and begin marching......somewhere. I'll be the one with the Peter Forsberg Jersey on.

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