Monday, June 29, 2009

Mush, You Huskies

So, I've been working. No, actually working. Not the kind of work you get paid for, the other, important kind.

I've decided to work on three projects, because working on one would just be, well, pedestrian. I'm also laboring under the theory that I'm at my most productive when I have more to accomplish than I can possibly accomplish.

A) A new novel -- a departure for me, because there are no monsters, decapitations, or sundry other unpleasant things. It's -- gasp -- rather mainstream, even chick-lit-y. So we'll see how long that runs along until I feel compelled to kill someone -- in the literary sense, of course.

B) A book of short stories. I've wanted to do it for a while, and even I only self-publish a few copies, I'd like to at least have them all rounded up and neatly bound instead of floating around on scraps of paper. Still waiting to hear on the latest submission of a SS for the anthology, but their reading period isn't closed yet, so it may be a bit.

C) A rewrite of the vampire novel. Because vampires are cool again - finally. I've been holding off doing anything with it, mostly because it is huge and unwieldy -- and I'm talking Stephen-King-huge-and-unwieldy. I figure at least a third of it needs to be just cut outright. And going back over it, it is a bit.....overwrought. But first novels often are.

So there we go, plenty to work on, and a variety, like a box of chocolates, but the Monty Python kind. Watch out for the steel springs and the crunchy frog.

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