Thursday, October 14, 2010


Avs beat Red Wings in a shootout, which forced the ESPN and FOX power rankings to re-rank the Avs in the top 10 this week. Not that I care about the power rankings. Really. Which reminds me, why has not come out with their power rankings? Curse them for making me look at ESPN and FOX. (Americans do a piss-poor job of looking like they care about hockey, let alone understand hockey.)

Had a discussion with the S/O, who can't understand the concept of boarding. ("Why isn't that boarding? He knocked him into the boards.") Which led me to explain to him that boarding is like art or pornography: you know it when you see it. Being a Republican, he just likes to be a contrarian and argue from whichever position lacks actual facts. His idea of a debate is to throw out a non-sequiter and then -- while you're trying to figure out why what the hell he just said has anything to do with anything -- walk out of the room like he won. Good thing he's cute.

Huzzah to Brandon Yip for being the only shooter to successfully go up, dammit. Besides, how cool is the name Yip?

And may I reiterate, seeing the Red Wings lose makes me happier than seeing anything else, short of a front row ticket to Sarah Palin being fed into a woodchipper.

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