Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Thoughts 10-14

Sean Patrick Flanery makes everything he's in a little bit better. Did you see Mongolian Death Worm? It was almost an actual movie, thanks to him  and "Mongolian Walker, Texas Ranger," played by marvelous Asian character actor George Cheung, who has been in literally every TV show ever made. (Don't believe me? Check his IMDB page. It's fucking amazing.) Still, I am not going see Saw 27, not even if it had BOTH Sean Patrick Flanery and George Cheung in it.

Katy Perry really doesn't sing all that well, but looking at her, I suppose that's not really the point.

When Far East Movement sings that they're "Fly like a G6" I don't know what that means, because I'm NO LONGER HIP.

When, oh, when will there be a law against Katherine Heigl making any more "movies." Bonus thought: since Gerard Butler has starred in "comedies" with both Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Aniston, does that mean his career is officially over? And it's not because Gerard Butler can't be funny. Rocknrolla was one of the most fucking hi-larious movies I ever saw. I replayed the scene where they were trying to escape from the Russians like 7 times and it never got any less funny.

Maybe I was exposed to too much Yakov Smirnoff as a child, but Russians in commercials crack me up every time. The DirecTV commercial where Russian Viggo Mortenson kisses the tiny giraffe? And the NFL Direct commercial where the Russian New York cabbie drops off the obnoxious out-of-town couple at the abandoned lot they think is Central Park and resignedly says, "We are here." As Yakov would say "With Soviet Russian DVR, commercials skip you." And, no, I'm not making fun of Russians. I love Russians. And if I did make fun of Russians, Alexander Ovechkin's Floating Head of Doom would probably come kick my ass.

The ending scene on Terriers last night between Katie (Laura Allen) and Hank (Donal Logue) broke my heart. You ever do anything just achingly stupid to fuck up your life, just because you thought somewhere back in your lizard brain you didn't deserve happiness? Sure, me neither.

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