Monday, September 13, 2010

New Fall Shows I'll Actually Watch

Caught Terriers on FX by accident. Was actually pretty good, so now I'll be forced to follow it.

Me and TV is kind of like the obscure legends about vampires being obsessive/compulsives, always having to stop to tie their shoes or button their vests. Seriously, the best way to stop a vampire who is chasing you is to throw down a few handfuls of rice, because they will be irresistiblely compelled to stop and count the grains. That is your vampire escape tip of the day.

That said, the offerings for the fall TV season look pretty anemic. (see what I did there?)

There are a few shows I'm actively looking forward to.

1) Hawaii 5-0 on CBS. This really needs no explanation. But I will add it has both Scott Caan and Daniel Dae Kim!

2) Undercovers on NBC.

3) Luther on BBCA, with Idris Elba

4) Walking Dead on AMC. ZOMBIES! An actual series about zombies! And supposedly it's good enough that it's already been picked up for a second season beyond the 6 initial episodes.

Beyond that, slim pickings. There are a few other things I might try to catch. I suppose I'll have enough to do to follow the other 40 series that I'm currently compelled to follow. Like I said, vampires and rice.

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