Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Season Update - The Defenders

Accidentally watched The Defenders last night. Yes, you can accidentally watch a TV show, I do it all the time.

My goodness, but that was terrible. Not David Caruso terrible, but still. Just not even trying. Despite the fact that Stephen Root was in the episode. It was like you took the worst lawyer TV shows of the '70s, put them in a blender and set it on puree, then poured it into a cocktail glass. Then you accidentally dropped the cocktail glass on the kitchen floor, leaving a sticky puddle full of broken glass and out-of-date olives that you found at the back of the fridge. Then you had to quickly stop the dog from licking it up, because, man, that stuff will kill you.

But it's on CBS and it stars Jim Belushi, meaning that it will probably be on TV for eleventy-billion years.

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