Monday, November 15, 2010

On the Town

Had a lovely evening on Saturday. Went to a nice restaurant, the kind with only seven entrees on the menu, none of them that come with fries. Saw Forbidden Broadway at Le Petite Theatre, and found it quite amusing, especially since we're the kind of people who actually entertain the Rita versus Chita question, wonder if Mandy Patinkin is really as crazy as he would seem, and worship Joel Grey. We are not in any way...typical. Of anything.

I did end up with a nice blister, which is what comes of trekking 20 blocks through the French Quarter in shoes I wear only once a year. Was somewhat disconcerted to find that I am, against my will, beginning to turn into my grandmother. You see, we had reservations at 6:00, but boys had their final soccer games during the day, so I had to rush home and wash my hair and set it in curlers. But there was a turkey sale at the Winn-Dixie and no room in our freezer, so the turkey needed to be bought THAT afternoon to be transported to my in-laws' freezer in New Orleans when we dropped off the kids for date night. Long story short, I ended up in Winn-Dixie in curlers covered by a red polyester scarf (the only scarf I had) and flannel slippers, hauling a 20 pound turkey and a can of hairspray. Hopefully there are no pictures.

In the end, any nice evening has to end. Like Cinderella, I am returned to my hovel, where I still have a cold, the dog has thrown up, my desk is still a mess, and the furnace is on the fritz. Maybe this year we'll have a grand history experiment where we live without central heat, just like the pilgrims did. We will complete our living history unit by churning our own butter, pressing our own paper, and building stocks to put the neighbors in when they've been naughty. And then someday the children will write amusing memoirs to help them pay for their psychotherapy. Fun Times!

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