Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Thoughts 11-8

On Halloween: you can go to the store and buy six bags of Butterfingers, but the truth is they will never taste as good as FREE CANDY given to you by STRANGERS.

I went to pick up the kids after school today. I was in the car for a few minutes before I realized to my horror that I was an hour late in picking them up. Never mind that I hadn't left the house late, I had suddenly lost an entire hour. It took a good 30 seconds of panic for me to realize that the clock in the spymobile doesn't automatically reset for the time change. Hopefully this just means that I need more sleep. Or a spymobile with an automatically resetting clock.

Had some time to kill, so I was reading the forums over at Television Without Pity. I used to visit the site a lot, but when it went all corporate I found that there was too much to keep up with. Anyway, I was reading the discussion forum on The Walking Dead and somebody posted that they were disappointed by all the zombies and stuff because they really hated zombies and stuff, and they wouldn't be tuning in again. Which is like saying "I watched Monday Night Football, but was disappointed in all the football. Why couldn't there be more gardening? I really like gardening. That's the last time I'll watch Monday Night Football."  Or "Gee, that chocolate cake would have been really delicious, expect for the fact that I enjoy neither cake nor chocolate. Boy, that's the last time I'll be eating chocolate cake."  Sigh.

Avs skunked Dallas 5-0. The Avs beating Dallas is second only to them beating Detroit. Mark my words, Chris Stewart is going to be captain someday. He's like you took the best of Sakic and Forsberg and smushed it together: he's fast and smart and he takes no bullshit from the opposing team. I would get a Stewart jersey if they weren't those hideous Edge jerseys. Reebok = evil.

I have managed to cut down the series on my DVR list from a total of 53 to 41. This is progress. It was helped by the fact that I finally realized Sanctuary sucks. I feel liberated.

I really don't care for the DARE program. It forces me to explain to my kid why I'm in favor of marijuana legalization and to explain that one of the reasons I drink so much is being forced to justify to my 10-year-old why I drink so much. I find that between religion and "social" issues, I spend a lot of time explaining to my kids why their teachers are unsophisticated, small-minded, and poorly educated.  Add in the idiocy of the whole Texas textbook bullshit and soon I'll just be able to shorthand it as: "Kids, everything your teachers say is a lie." At that point, does it not just become more effective to homeschool? With the $10,000 I would save in tuition, think of all the pot and vodka I could buy!

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