Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sarah Palin is a Lousy Mother. In Other News, Water is Still Wet

I tend not to waste time bashing Sarah Palin, because it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Or like clubbing baby seals. If the baby seals were amoral and totally evil and were trying to simultaneously pick my pocket and burn down my house.

But even though I studiously avoid useless crap on the interwebs, I was still not able to escape all the wailing over Willow Palin calling somebody else a "faggot" on Facebook. Followed by the wailing about leaving poor Willow alone because she's just a kid. Followed by the wailing about...well, you get the picture.

Let me tell you something, if one of my kids called another kid a faggot, I would slap the taste of that word out of their mouth right quick.  And if they had done it on the Internet, they would apologize publicly and it would be a good long time before they saw any kind of electronic device again. Unlike some people, I'm not raising wolverines. Calling someone a faggot is no different than calling someone a nigger or a spic or a kike or -- insert your own pejorative. And while kids do stupid, careless things, and more often say stupid, careless things, it's a parent's job to A) set a better example, and B) let a kid know what is and is not acceptable.

Of course, Sarah Palin cares about neither A nor B. She's content to raise obdurate little guttersnipes who are so full of their own entitlement and self-importance that they're practically choking on it. The Palins are Snopses writ large and they faster they take their little two-bit grifter roadshow back to whatever hellhole spawned them, the better.

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