Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Thoughts - 12/9

It's a dessert topping and a floor wax! Had a dinner table argument as to whether Vampire Weekend's "Holiday" was used to advertise cars or Tommy Hilfiger. After a trip to the interwebs, we discovered that is was both. This is either genius marketing, terrible marketing, or an unholy alliance between Honda and Hilfiger for a world takeover by products starting with the letter H.

Thanks to Logo and Chiller, you can now watch roughly 17 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer per day. Which lead the S/O to ask upon entering a room, "You're watching Buffy again? Didn't you just see that episode yesterday?" At which point I remind him that he watches On the Town every time it's on TV -- which seems like an awful lot.  What, is the plot going to magically change? Although it would be cool if, just as a change of pace, Gorgo emerged from the Hudson River and ate Frank Sinatra.

When will Justin Beiber hair be outlawed? It's a crime against nature. That look isn't even good on a windswept sheepdog.

Had a communique from the kids' principal that somebody named "Fr. Ed" was giving a talk at the school and she wrote, "Since this talk is so dynamic, I've decided to make it mandatory for all parents. There will be a sign-in sheet and extra seating."  Take a step back there, princess. The first thoughts that come to my mind when I hear about a surprise "mandatory" meeting with extra seating? Poison gas, alien pods, and involuntary organ donation. Er, no thanks, I'll pass. I like my organs where they are. She followed up with a letter saying that the "mandatory meeting" had generated quite a "buzz." I bet it did.

Starting watching the whole season of Rubicon on the DVR. (Yeah, already canceled. I'm so behind.) I'm enjoying it, but the striking thing for me is how much James Badge Dale looks like Matthew Morrison's brother from another mother. So now all I can see is Rubicon/Glee mashups, where everyone breaks into song at inappropriate moments. Inside my head, this is somehow more entertaining than each show alone.

Catholics, help me out, what's with the magic beans? Kid #5 dumped his backpack in the car, and three magic beans rolled under the seat. The S/O keeps strewing them about. When did he turn into an 85-year-old Gypsy woman? Did we have to trade a cow for these? 

Found out the S/O plays Farmville. Farmville? The fuck? How do people over the age of 14 find the time to play Farmville? I'm so behind, I'm actually using time right now that hasn't even happened yet. I owe time. I'm going to have to die 10 years earlier just to break even. But it's just as well, because I'm sure that somehow Farmville is the opening volley in an alien plot to steal our organs. Not everybody's going to fall for the "mandatory meeting," so they've got to have a backup. Don't come running to me when you've traded your spleen for an extra flock of chickens.


  1. I am Lazarus, come back from the dead, I have come back to tell you all, I will tell you all!

    Technically come back from my computer explosion and losing all my bookmarks.

    My ability to stand live action TV is so small it is being described as a theoretical particle, so I can't help you with Buffy and haven't even heard of On The Town or Rubicon. However, I am bloated with opinion in regards to the mandatory meeting. I mean, what's up with that? You're not a student. She can't 'mandatory' anything. And FATHER Ed? 'Dynamic'? Is she getting paid, or is she so stupid that she thinks some motivational speaker who made her go 'squee!' is obviously going to produce the same effect in the rest of the population?

    As a final note, your organs are safe. The real threat is the Swedes stealing our furniture while we play Minecraft.

  2. Is your computer all restored? If so, yay!

    And the principal? She is kee-razy with a capital K. Every time someone hands her a microphone at a school function, a few of my brain cells commit seppuku. I really love the assistant principal, so I'm mulling over staging a coup.

    And I'm thinking nobody would really want my organs, unless they're going to serve bits of my liver impaled on little toothpicks in jelly glasses full of gin.

  3. Everything restorable is restored. There are a lot of lost files that I'm just not getting back. But you know, the computer ITSELF now works perfectly and I'm going back and proofreading Wild Children again. I was just horrified by how much it needs the commas reevaluated.

  4. Now you just have to convince yourself that none of the lost stuff was that important anyway.

    I haven't had the chance yet to read through all of Wild Children (this last week has been nonstop crises and/or obligations)but I'll be emailing. Soon. Hopefully. If no other appliances in my house mysteriously explode.

    Ah, the comma, so small, so devious. :)