Monday, February 14, 2011

I Am Not Having A Good Week

Forsberg retired before the game with Calgary tonight. Just like that. My hockey team sucks. As one Denver sportswriter said, "They're playing the worst hockey I've ever seen played."  As I write this, we are losing by five goals. AND IT'S ONLY THE FIRST INTERMISSION

I will literally spend an entire cumulative day driving children hither and yon this week.

Fringe's ratings are tanking again. Which means both it and Human Target will be canceled, which will make me deeply sad in a way that I am unable to properly justify.

Oh, and the kid called from Afghanistan. On the plus side, he's taking some online college course to comply with my demand that he get a degree by the time he's out of the Marines. On the minus side, he got married. Last March. And the other kids knew and didn't tell me. Kid #1 said, "Well, I think mostly he did it for better benefits." Great, I guess if you're going to do something remarkably stupid it might as well be for purely mercenary stupid reasons instead of romantic stupid ones. I feel so much better.

And at the rate things are going right now, the rewrite will not be done, ever. 

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