Friday, February 18, 2011

Speaking of Zombies...

Wow. Here's a lyrical, amazing trailer for the new Dead Island game. (Fair warning: if you worry about zombies eating your family next time you go on vacation and find extreme blood-spewing violence upsetting, perhaps you should go play a nice game of Parcheesi about now. Do not say I didn't warn you.)


  1. Oh, I saw that. It's so sweet and pretty and sad. It makes me feel all gooey. I imagine the game will focus entirely on the gore, but what can you do? They can't all be Bioshock and The Void. And even Tale Of Tales couldn't make another The Path.

  2. Sad thing for me is I'm crap at first-person shooters. I'm too much of hand-eye-coordination spaz. I remember when the first Resident Evil came out I was excited at first. (Zombies!) And then I had to keep calling my brother. "Hey, I can't get out of the fucking police car! Please come play this section for me!"

    So I'm stuck watching other people play games, and all anybody around here plays is Mario Bros or Lego Harry Potter. Pah.

  3. Then let me point out The Void and The Path. The former you might be able to handle just fine if you download the patch for Easy Mode. It's a FPS, but only in a very technical sense. The Path requires no coordination whatsoever and barely qualifies as a 'game'.

    Both games are art. They are Art, even. The former is about bringing the soul of an artist dying of apathy back to life, said soul being inhabited by beautiful naked women and monsters that Geiger wishes he were clever enough to create. The Path is... so symbolic that you have to try and figure out what it's about, and even the developer's website blatantly lies to you.