Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Middle of the Night - Breaking out the Nick Lowe.

You would think that if you invented characters out of whole cloth, you could get them to do what you wanted. Apparently not. Mine are standing around. So here's some Nick Lowe. I adore Nick Lowe. Now I'm off to find a metaphorical stick to do some damage to some metaphorical kneecaps.


  1. ...wait, are you taking my advice? SOMEONE IS TAKING MY ADVICE! There is no possible way this could go wrong!

    Do you have mood music for those characters? I find that helpful. It lets me pretend that I didn't invent the character and I can start guessing at their motivations. Yes, I'm writing fanfic of the story by writing the story. META WRITING.

    I'd suggest specific music, but it's mostly goth stuff, and what isn't goth is fairly insane. My two favorite bands are Aqua and Evanescence. Large portions of Sweet Dreams were written listening to Emilie Autumn.

    Yes, I'm trying to massage your brain by making you feel like you're not drowning alone.

  2. Actually, I wrote this under the influence of Steve Earle (not socially-conscious "Immigrants" Steve Earle, but heroin-addicted "Copperhead" Steve Earle -- although I appreciate both) and various rockabilly influences (Dwight Yoakam, Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Dave Alvin and the Blasters)It was the early '90s after all. My vampires are dead Civil War soldiers, Aztec bikers, Southern fundamentalist preachers, and Nazism actual and neo, so you can see all the possibilities.....and also why this book started out at 200,000 words.....

    But, yes, thank you, I'm taking your suggestions to heart (not Cory Hart, even though he wears his sunglasses at night) and liberally using my MP3 player, the playlist of which would scare rational people, and jamming away.

    The offending chapter has been dispatched and now I only need to lose roughly 31,000 more words. Tom Waits is right now telling me to "Step Right Up."