Monday, March 14, 2011

Adventures in Parenting

The S/O is not coming home tonight because, as he put it, "Your car is in still in pieces." While that sounds alarming, I'm hoping the mechanics have found the faulty backing-up lights switch and can wave a magic wand over the air compressor. I can probably survive a Louisiana summer without air conditioning because I'm from hearty pioneer stock, but I fear my pasty little children might melt and slip under the seats like so much goo.

So since dad is gone, mom is charge of homework. And wouldn't you know it, there's religion homework. I'm double excused from religion homework because of the whole, you know, religion thing. But I got out the kid's homework and glanced at something about "Apollo Creed." That's quite exciting. I was imagining a whole shoebox diorama featuring Carl Weathers. Unfortunately on closer inspection, it said "Apostle's Creed," which, disappointingly, has nothing to do with Carl Weathers.

I am still considering ditching this whole "apostle's" thing and writing an Ode to Apollo Creed with matching patriotic diorama anyway, because that sounds way more fun, and I am a terrible parent.


  1. Finding out about the Council of Nicea and the Apostle's Creed online is quite difficult. As you can imagine, the internet is flooded with heavily, heavily biased sources.

    It IS a gigantically important event in Western history. It determined which form of Christianity would become official. Some other versions were much more liberal or just plain weird. We got the Paulites.

  2. Hooray, I got the first 2 chapters of Sweet Dreams proofread! But now I think my sinuses have melted.

    When I'm done I'll have to go back and give the first couple of pages extra-close attention. They need to be snappier.

  3. Yay on the proofreading. I have done no such things, being forced to do work that fools are willing to pay me for. But I'm caught back up and currently spinning the wheel to see what needs my immediate attention next.