Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad News/Good News

Novel update: Still looking to lose roughly 20,000 words. Realize that my parallel storyline needs rearranging. Wish that there was a function in Word where you could tell it what you wanted it to do, and it would actually do it without introducing 14 other formatting gremlins. (Hey, Word, why don't you be a dear and make every fucking indent uniform?)

Bad News? Short story rejection, boilerplate "Best of luck placing your story, blah, blah, blah." The spymobile has decided it now only features "air conditioning" instead of air conditioning. So either it need a new compressor or I can only drive it in Siberia. Also, backing up lights don't work, which can't be remedied by something as mundane as replacing a bulb, but entails using a secret map to find a faulty switch located somewhere in the recesses of the engine, a spot which can apparently unexpectedly change locations at will. Thanks, Volkswagen!

Good News? Kid #2 departs from Afghanistan sometime in the next 3 days, and will be back in sunny California, then home to visit sometime next month.  The new season of BBC's Being Human is very good, with the added surprise bonus of the most excellent Robson Green as a werewolf. Yayayayayay. You see, being a werewolf entails taking off your clothes, repeatedly. Also, found a nice bottle of Riesling in the bargain bin at the Winn-Dixie, which I plan on drinking if I ever finish this fucking rewrite.

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  1. I have finished processing your news. It seems clear to me that your bad news consists of nuisances (although who wants a rejection WHILE you're locked in mortal combat with a rewrite?!) and your good news consists of a gigantic relief and Hot Shirtless Men. Now, I'm not into guys and have no clue who Robson Green is, but if it were Hot Shirtless Women I'd be TOTALLY all over that so it seems like your good is heavily outweighing your bad.

    As for the book, the solution is obvious. Just cut that part with the thing. Yeah.