Thursday, March 10, 2011


I had a breakthrough tonight, in my panic. I'll discuss it later. Suffice to say, I am at relative peace and see a way forward. For now, I'm breaking out the beer and I'm going to peruse the Christie's auction website, because nothing soothes me quite like looking at exotic rick-a-rack like silver marrow spoons and etarges and armillary globes and pretending I'm bidding on them. Why, $1,800 for a high Victorian repousee tea caddy? That's highway robbery! Then, after consuming enough beer, off to find semi-naked pictures of Simon Baker. Huzzah!

Also, too,  Brandi Carlisle.

1 comment:

  1. Young lady (I have unilaterally declared you one, so suck it up), you please me. Show me a catalog full of mechanical pocket watches and brass sextants and I am a happy man. Is that tea caddy vintage? How old? Handmade? $1800 might actually be reasonable.

    Obtain your semi-naked pictures. Lust is one of life's delicious spices, and mixes perfectly with the artist's pursuit of the aesthetic in all things. You deserve any reward for figuring out what you need to do. I remember the epiphany when I figured out how I'd messed up Parthenogenesis and what I'd have to do to fix it. ...which involved going back and rewriting it from scratch starting at Chapter 2. Nevertheless, it is a joyous sensation as the scales fall from your eyes.