Thursday, March 17, 2011

There is Some Joy in Mudville

After my manic brainstorming of the past week, I had the quick and startling revelation that I had to do some real work (the kind that offers currency that can be traded for foodstuffs at your local greengrocers) or the kidlets would starve. Luckily work has been plentiful, so I can't count their ribs quite yet.

I have launched a new blog, a companion blog of sorts, called Publishing Yourself: Navigating the World of Indie Publishing.  It's right around the corner and will focus on the highs and lows of publishing your own work, while this space can remain whatever the hell it is, the mental driftwood and sea glass that washes up inside my head. I'm going to probably cross-post the things that look like they need to be cross-posted. It's all a work in progress. So visit if you would care to!

On the homefront, where there is less joy? Spike is affecting what I believe is a sympathy limp, because Pete has an excess of cute. Apparently the air conditioning in the spymobile is a cipher to normal mechanics, so this summer will be an experiment in tolerance of extreme temperatures. I told my daughter I was going to start driving topless, a suggestion at which she was totally appalled. But they're predicting mid-80s this week, so nothing is off the table. Also the windshield wipers have taken to randomly going on strike. I have a feeling this is the beginning of the long, slow decline of the beloved spymobile. Sigh.

Also, another swift realization I had is that fantastic ideas, no matter how thrilling they are, don't pay the bills. So for the foreseeable future, not only will I be working my full-time day job, running a household that is now bursting at the seams with critters both furry and not-so-furry, trying to whip four full-length novels into shape, running two blogs, and designing a new author's website, but I've also launched a new business with all the attendant business-y stuff. If I did the math, I believe that might require days now be roughly 37 hours long. But math is for quitters. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. 'Launched a new business'?

    In general I say to you: We all have to eat. As trite as that sounds, it's such an overpowering truism that it has to be repeated occasionally. Your grand and glorious plans amount to naught if you are forced to consume your own offspring for sustenance before they can be launched.

    So I say to you: Do what you must to stay alive, little girl.

    (Yes, I've officially reduced your age still further. Shut up, I get to do that.)

  2. Well, I'm actually trying to think of the publishing venture as the "new business." (which, it seems will mostly be a marketing business. Blech) Still, I figure this amounts to something like 3.5 full-time jobs squished together. Hmm, it will be interesting...