Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fox News is Shocked to Find Negroes In the White House

Possibly in an attempt to distract people from Paul "Soylent Green is Yummy" Ryan's doomed attempt to paint AARP as the new ACORN, Fox is busy whipping up another nontroversy of falsehood, deception, confabulation, and mendacity into a puffy, puffy souffle. They are pointing out, once again, in case any of their pasty white audience had nodded off, that there are (gasp) Negroes in the White House!

You must see the deflating of that souffle by the estimable Jon Stewart here. Watch all of it, because it is a thing of beauty. Also, a nice piece of commentary by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

I don't talk much about race, because as a shockingly white girl of Irish/Scandinavian stock, I always worry about falling into that liberal trap of feeling qualified to speak with authority about something that never really was a part of my experience. But lately, it seems like the right has decided that calling people "racist" is far more egregious than actually being racist and gleefully participating in all stripe of blatantly racist pastimes. But, man, they've blown their dog whistles so long and hard that, at this point, all the dogs have passed out. So here's some advice, Republicans, if you don't want to be tagged as fucking racist motherfuckers, stop acting like fucking racist motherfuckers.

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