Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Rapture Roundup

Just in case the world ends today, I've already perused all the clips for the fall season/midseason TV lineup. Watching some of these clips, I believe that maybe the world should end before this dreck airs. (I'm looking at you NBC!!) As a result of my research 24 new shows have been provisionally added to the TV database. I'm currently looking for help for my addiction.

Via Buzzfeed, another 50 reasons why the world might be ending. (Besides NBC letting monkeys program their network). Top reason? Nickleback.

Via the fabulously fabulous Angry Black Lady Chronicles, ABL let's us know why she's over the rapture already with some appropriate videos. I've got one word for Kirk Cameron: coconuts.

Maybe Pete knows something I don't, but when I came back from getting a refreshing beverage, I looked at my open Word doc and he had typed 164 pages of the number 2. What can it mean?

Finally for your listening enjoyment, a personal favorite. I adore Colin Hay's voice and this is one of the best Men at Work songs, from Cargo, which was probably the single album I listened to most in the '80s.


  1. It means you're still doing the whole 'dominion over the animals' thing the wrong way around!

  2. Oh, yeah, that ship has sailed. Excuse me while I go open another can of Fancy Feast...

  3. Nooo! Somehow, someday, I will rescue you from your bondage! Evil Pete, Let My Writing Buddy Go!