Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy 100th, Vincent

I would be remiss in letting the day pass without mentioning the hundredth birthday of my favorite actor of all time, Vincent Price.

I adored Vincent Price since I was a tiny child. He was a delightful actor who never took himself too seriously.  He was both debonair and sinister, playful and malign. He was as comfortable reciting Shakespeare as he was dancing with Muppets. Whatever indefinable thing he had, it informed everything he did.

I can remember the day he died, my family went around turning off TV and radio stations whenever I walked into the room or got into the car, as if that would delay my finding out he was gone. Kid #4 bears Price as his middle name.  (I can still remember walking out of the house the morning he was born and heading to the hospital, House of Wax was on the TV.) He would have made a great imaginary friend.

LAist has a nifty video tribute here.

IMDB page here.

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  1. 'Then I realized with foreboding that this fowl was now freeloading, so I with much frustration chucked her out my chamber door! Then 'twas me remarking that this pest would come aharking with her feathered tail abarking in my chamber... nevermore.'

    Not too proud to appear in a cartoon for the fun of it. Geez, that was one of the last things he did. He was gone by the time it aired, as I recall.