Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Note of Thanks

I've been busy, busy, busy with too much stuff to even categorize: kids, home, work, writing, publishing. But the four short stories/novel promos are up on Smashwords and in the process of being up on Amazon Kindle. (I'll be back when they're all situated.)

But I did want to quickly thank some people without whose encouragement and assistance I'd still be sitting around in my bathrobe trying to empty out the DVR.

Thanks to my S/O, who is in the process of becoming a formatting whiz. He's done a remarkable job of navigating the rapids of the whole process without falling prey to the siren call of Angry Birds.

Thanks to my brother David, who was kind enough to fix the laptop (because kid #4 never met a piece of spyware he didn't like). Without his help, we'd still be struggling to share time on my computer and might likely have come to blows.

Thanks to my daughter Cadia, who is a genius with design, for helping me choose artwork and elements and providing her expertise in learning the basics of Photoshop. I'd still be wondering how to open the program without her.

Thanks to my friend Richard, who bravely jumped into the formatting pool first and proved it could be done, and who has provided invaluable encouragement and suggestions on the short stories.

Thanks to Susan for years of support and friendship and understanding that sometimes I'm unable to stop counting the grains of rice.

Thanks to Minna, who in an offhand remark -- "And they wouldn't publish this, why?" -- after critiquing my stuff actually sparked this whole thing. 

Today a short story, tomorrow the world!

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  1. Thank YOU, and you'll be hearing more from me soon. I'm supposedly getting something to show you in the next 24-48 hours, and I'm waiting to update you until then. There's much to talk about!