Friday, May 27, 2011

TV Update: Torchwood, Plus More Shows I'm Compelled to Watch

The new Torchwood: Miracle Day premiers on the Starz channel July 8. It's going to be hard to top Torchwood: Children of Earth, which was one of the most brilliant miniseries I've seen, but the trailer looks great.  I have to hand it to Russell Davies, who took what was a pretty fluffy, sexy alien mishmash and made it into a really stunning allegory that was both heart-rending and heart-pounding. (Any of you who initially dismissed Torchwood as a just a fluffy, sexy alien mishmash and gave up on it should see Children of Earth.) Alas, we don't have the Starz, so we'll have to wait for Netflix.

Also, because I don't have enough to keep track of, BBC America has introduced Dramaville, which in the tradition of NBC's old Mystery Monday, will present a series of mystery/thriller/procedurals beginning August 17 with a period spy thriller The Hour, followed by the excellent continuation of Luther on October 5, and then Whitechapel on November 2.

First, yay, Luther! Second, Dramaville is a ghastly title. Do something about that, BBC America. Third, the grand total of new TV shows I care about for no reason has now reached 27, which is totally ridiculous. I obviously need help.

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